Young M.A – Bake Freestyle & LYRCIS

young m.a bake freestyle
young m.a bake freestyle

Young M.A – Bake Freestyle 

Bake Freestyle by Young M A America Female rapper dropped another hit titled “Bake Freestyle” it’s one of the major vibe you don’t want to miss!! listen to Bake Freestyle by Young M A tell us how you feel about the song

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Young M.A – Bake Freestyle Lyrics

Oh this what we doing
Aight listen, 2k19 man
C’mon man ya’ll know I’m coming with a breestyle or freestyle, you know what I mean
2 up 2 down, what’s good man
Shout out to The Clipse on this one man
Brooklyn what up man, c’mon man y’all know I gotta talk that shit
Man y’all know the vibes, man y’all know what I’m about to do
Hehe you know I gotta get a lil cocky on this one, gotta get a lil buckie on this one, you heard?

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