Thanos Magic snaps away half of Google search results -AvengersEndgame


The frenzy “Avengers: Endgame” reached Google – which turned out to be a “take-away” game to keep fans of the franchise engaged.

As fans gathered in theaters to watch the final chapter of the “Avengers” franchise, Google is trying to make the most of the hype around the movie, touted as the greatest Marvel movie of all time.

If we remember the end of “Avengers: Infinity War“, Thanos erased half of the universe – including many beloved superheroes – with a simple snap of fingers and with the help of the jewels of the infinite.

Taking this as a reference, Google came out with a feature that erases the search results with the Thanos snapshot.

If one searches ‘Thanos’ on Google and clicks on his infinity stone-studded gauntlet, one will see search results wiped out with ‘snap of a finger’.

What happens next? The search results number goes down while the page automatically moves up and down.

To undo the destruction, one needs to simply click on the gauntlet again. One can see Thanos using the time stone to restore the search results.


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