Chronic Law – Face Shot + Lyrics

face shot
face shot

Chronic Law – Face Shot Mp3 Music Download 

Chronic Law Face Shot: Shab Don Records singer and songwritter Chronic Law comes through with another  melody titled “Face Shot”.

Face Shot by Chronic Law is follow up of his new song: ‘Cold Dews‘ and Family Different From Link‘, that was recently released.

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Chronic Law – Face Shot  Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Never lef di matic clap it full up a clarity fassy body
Full a magage never trust a man weh like fi sing and
Mention batty crack him forehead house a get
Demolish murder everybody keep di rifle close we
Nuh keep malice talk dem a talk dem nuh bad like a
We send a bad dog a dem yard pon a bicycle dress
Like him work a post office and a just

Bay face shot AK shot wasteman same place a nuh
Playstation paneland send brain up a space alien
Dem know seh we evil a we frighten satan
Dog dem a nuh nobody fi we kill murder a nuh
Nobody fi we kill dem boy deh nuh wicked man go fi
Dem nuh care me belly big dem seh me and dem
Heart a race Shabdon tell dem me heart deh inna fridge

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